Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Desk

As promised, here is the desk reveal. Fortunately, my "before" picture looked especially sad and cluttered so the transformation will look especially remarkable. And there is nothing I love more than a dramatic reveal. Well, except maybe for a really cute cat video. Anyway, all I did was sanding, paint and installing new handles. This past week ended up being especially gloomy and wet so I made the best of things and turned our kitchen into a temporary shop for a few days.

 In the interest of making my projects as economical as possible (and because I really like the colour!) I decided to use the same turqoise-ish paint from the kitchen storage bench. Regardless of already having all of the painting supplies, I still ended up at the hardware store an unacceptable number of times. After expressing my frustration regarding the multiplicity of Ace voyages I undertook, my roommate Rose informed me that every project requires an average of three trips to the hardware store. I felt slightly consoled-after all, someone has to be the outlier.

Here's the final product, complete with a chair from Ikea (love!) I painted pink:

This finished piece combined with my full bookshelf makes this corner my favorite part of my room! So far at least.
Join me for my next blog entry about the best cakes I've made since moving to Carmel! Hint: one of them involves 23 of these friends. . .


  1. Yes, it is very dramatic! And IKEA is one of my most favorite stores!

  2. I THOUGHT that old desk looked vaguely familiar. I can't believe that some paint made that nasty old thing look so cheery. LIKE!